HP unveils new IT management tools for hybrid working

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HP has announced a range of new IT management solutions that have been designed to simplify and automate device management tasks in the new era of hybrid working.

The tech firm is introducing the new HP Adaptive Endpoint Management tool, alongside HP Connect for Microsoft Endpoint Manager and HP Cloud Endpoint Manager, in a bid to help IT teams tackle modern workforce challenges.

HP says its portfolio of hardware, software, and cloud-based services will also help employees stay productive, connected, collaborative, and secure – wherever they happen to be working.

“The future of work is now. IT teams are the heroes of today’s new working environment empowering employees to work from anywhere,” commented Sumeer Chandra, global head and general manager of Personal Systems Services at HP. “HP’s new management solutions are automated and scalable for the evolving ways people work.”

The first offering – HP Adaptive Endpoint Management – is a fully-managed service that helps IT managers send PCs directly to employees with zero-touch deployment. That means that staff can get going in less than an hour by simply unboxing and signing on with one click, HP says.

With the help of experts, the service automatically provisions PCs with Microsoft Autopilot and enforces security policies from the cloud.

“HP Adaptive Endpoint Management is the gold standard for managing PCs in hybrid working environments, to help ensure devices are secure, up-to-date, and fully supported,” Chandra added.

The second - HP Connect for Microsoft Endpoint Manager - allows IT to remotely configure, secure, and update the BIOS of HP commercial PCs via the cloud. That means teams can create policies for groups of devices and customise over 100 different HP BIOS settings.

These settings can then be systematically pushed to the correct devices during their initial setup and changed remotely as required, HP said.

“HP is helping customers take advantage of true enterprise mobility by removing barriers to cloud management adoption,” commented Nicole Dezen, CVP of Device Partner Sales at Microsoft.

“HP Connect for Microsoft Endpoint Manager gives the modern device administrator more control over HP specific device features by leveraging Microsoft Graph API for Intune.”

Lastly, new HP Cloud Endpoint Manager is a cloud-ready solution that has been designed to help deploy and securely manage thousands of HP Thin Clients. Accessible anywhere from a web browser, the offering helps IT prioritise their day with customisable dashboards that include metrics and analytics to keep them up to date on deployments, and maintain device compliance and server health.

“HP Cloud Endpoint Manager equips IT teams with real-time alerts to quickly identify and resolve issues while also saving them time through the automation of repetitive management tasks,” the firm explained in a release.

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