Cloud security still a concern, says Databarracks

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More than half of UK IT professionals (58 percent) still see security as their biggest concern when migrating data to cloud services.

This is according to the latest annual Data Health Check undertaken by IaaS provider Databarracks.

The firm says it has identified security procedures and policies as the most important factor when selecting a cloud service provider (60 percent).

The research found that 64 percent of those surveyed are considering, or have already put in place, official policies regarding employee use of consumer cloud services, and 43 percent of businesses reviewing security policies.

However, the research reveals an increasingly positive attitude towards cloud-based services, according to Peter Groucutt, managing director for Databarracks. “Security is always going to be the major priority for those considering a move to cloud services. However, the difference highlighted in the research is that organisations are no longer seeing this as a roadblock, but rather an opportunity to review their current security practices and implement effective new policies.”

The report also highlights the confusion over encryption requirements with 33 percent of businesses believing everything should be encrypted. “Cloud service providers need to do more to help focus organisations on the real issues, like the specifics of when and where encryption is needed, and help them to stop worrying about general cloud security, which often causes unnecessary barriers to adoption,” adds Groucott.

The latest research follows a findings released yesterday that said cloud adopters believe the delivery model is changing the role of the IT department.


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