DDN swoops in to save Tintri customers after company implodes


Despite Tintri filing for bankruptcy and laying off the vast majority of its staff a few months ago, customers will continue to be supported thanks to a new reseller agreement with big data storage provider DataDirect Networks (DDN).

The deal means DDN will provide Tintri customers with products, services and system expansion for their Tintri platforms, ensuring that even if the company ceases to exist, their data and infrastructure will remain safe and secure.

“We are delighted to be able to provide immediate support to Tintri customers worldwide,” said Alex Bouzari, DDN CEO and co-founder. “DDN’s 20-year track record of stellar customer satisfaction plus Tintri’s outstanding technology for virtual environments is the perfect match. Tintri end users, resellers, VARs and distributors worldwide can now fully rely on DDN to support their business and mission-critical enterprise environments.”

Tintri disposed of 200 members of its staff back in June, after it was forced to file for bankruptcy. Many of the company's executives left at that point, including its executive vice president of worldwide sales and alliances, Tom Cashman and CEO Thomas Barton.

However, DDN announced its plans to buy the company in mid-July, just hours before Tintri officially went into bankruptcy, potentially saving its customers from having to transfer all their resources to an alternative provider.

“DDN is working with Tintri’s co-founders, team members, advisors and creditors to develop a winning plan designed to provide Tintri’s customers with continuity in support of their installed base as well as a winning roadmap for their long-term requirements,” Bouzari said at the time.

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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