AMD and DoiT partner to help Google Cloud customers maximise performance

A close up image of an AMD Epyc processor being held by an unseen person in front of a red screen

AMD and multi-cloud MSP DoiT International have announced a consultancy collaboration to help Google Cloud customers manage their compute workloads.

The two companies will combine their technical expertise to identify the right workloads for benchmark comparisons on AMD Epyc processors so that Google Cloud customers can optimise cloud spending and management.

Google Cloud has been adopting AMD's third-gen Epyc server processors since they became available last year. The company uses them to power virtual machines and they are said to be good for general-purpose and scale-out workloads, where the workload can move off position and incur more costs.

The collaboration aims to help customers spot where they might find avoidable price changes.

DoiT describes itself as a managed service provider (MSP) that offers consultancy and also products that simplify the automation of cloud workloads. It's a long-term Google Cloud partner that runs international operations across 70 different countries.

Along with AMD, DoiT will provide Google Cloud customers with "industry best" tools, technology and technical advice in a bid to fine-tune compute workloads. Performance and longevity are also key areas of focus, but the main attraction of the deal is that customers will have access to DoiT's advanced technology suite, which includes its FlexSave offerings, for free.

FlexSave is an autonomous service that analyses workloads that aren't already covered by compute commitments or committed use discounts. The idea is about avoiding unforeseen costs on workloads that are not immediately necessary to the business but are still costing the full price.


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The collaboration will combine what AMD and DoiT do best, according to DoiT CEO Yoav Toussia-Cohen, which is "delivering tangible, meaningful results for customers".

"For more than a decade we've worked alongside digitally savvy customers of all sizes, all struggling with the fundamental challenge of improving performance without inflating cloud cost," said Toussia-Cohen, CEO of DoiT International.

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