NSR launches Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit version 2.0

Satellite orbiting Earth
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Northern Sky Research (NSR) has released version 2.0 of its proprietary Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit (NCAT).

The update adds to NSR's comprehensive analytical tools for benchmarking low Earth orbit (LEO) and medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellite constellations.

A multi-faceted toolkit, NCAT includes analytical models, input and output data tables, comparison charts, maps with satellites, orbital routes, footprints per constellation, and more.

According to the company, the latest version doubles input and output data tables to 56 sub-constellations and increases tool options to 15. NCAT2 also supports granular evaluation of mobile and fixed data applications.

“Two systems, Starlink and SES O3B, are now operational but many others, such as OneWeb, Telesat, and Amazon are in the pipeline,” said Christopher Baugh, NSR president.

Baugh added, “The rapidly increasing numbers in the Non-GEO sector drives need for tools to assess capabilities factually and in-depth. Driven by client feedback, NCAT2 incorporates new tools, including the ability to conduct assessment for fixed and mobility applications at global, regional or country-levels.”

NCAT2 comes preloaded with data, configurable filters, inputs, and visualizations. Specifically, the toolkit can be used alongside market data and insights drawn from relevant NSR research studies.


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NCAT2’s other notable features include gateway housing and visibility assessment, exclusion angles, mobility heatmaps for 56 LEO/MEO constellations shells, and breakeven analysis of Non-GEO capital cost per Mbps

Commenting on outreach, NSR said its NCAT2 toolkit is intended for both business and technical professionals looking to understand Non-GEO high-throughput SATCOM in-depth.

“As thousands of LEO and MEO satellites beam tens of Terabits per second, they transform not only the space sector, but the adjacent telecommunications industry, making it vital for strategic decision makers of both value chains to evaluate potential developments. NCAT2’s configurable filters and visualizations allow that insight,” added NSR.