Myriota taps Spire Global for global satellite expansion

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Myriota has struck a new deal with Spire Global to enhance its global satellite network.

Myriota’s low-cost yet robust internet of things (IoT) connectivity helps customers track, locate, and monitor a wide range of assets, including vehicles, wind turbines, shipping containers, and more.

In addition to providing affordable IoT connectivity, Myriota also eliminates the need for ground-based satellite infrastructure. As part of the new deal, Myriota will employ Spire’s space services and low-earth orbit nanosatellites to develop a global, low-latency constellation.

Spire’s constellation of low-earth orbit nanosatellites features software-defined radio (SDR) technology, enabling partners to test, deploy, operate, and scale custom applications. Over 110 satellites measure temperature, pressure, and humidity at over 10,000 intervals per day, allowing for a holistic 3D weather profile.

Leveraging the firm’s 300 years of space flight heritage, Spire’s in-orbit-reprogrammable platform ensures flexible operations in space. Building on Spire’s space-as-a-service capabilities, Myriota plans to scale its IoT services swiftly and efficiently to meet global demand.

The Myriota-Spire Global partnership is also geared toward growing Myriota's customer base beyond North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

“We’re proud our satellites and technology are ready to seamlessly help Myriota make smart devices more accessible to everyone,” said Theresa Condor, executive vice president and general manager of space services and earth intelligence at Spire.


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“Australia is a hotbed of innovative companies, and it’s gratifying to help a leading satellite connectivity provider go to market quickly and scale up efficiently.”

Myriota is Spire's first large-scale, commercial IoT customer.

“With high demand for the Myriota Network from our partners, who are rolling out products at an ever-accelerating rate, this agreement is a game-changer for our business,” said Dr. David Haley, CTO and co-founder of Myriota.

“By leveraging Spire’s constellation, Myriota will rapidly improve its services, and enter new markets such as Europe. Spire is a perfect partner for extending our global reach.”