Egnyte adds analytics suite to file-sharing tool

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Egnyte is building data analytics into its file-sharing tool to differentiate its offering from rivals’.

The cloud storage firm is integrating a suite of analytics capabilities, known as ‘Adaptive Enterprise File Services’, into its hybrid file-sharing platform to give customers more insight into how people are collaborating.

Customers will be able to monitor activity into files they store in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment, to help them change their content strategies based on user behaviour.

Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain said: “The introduction of Adaptive Enterprise File Services is a major step forward in our goal of empowering enterprises to securely, easily, and intelligently share files at scale and in a way that seamlessly integrates with any cloud, storage, mobile device, and productivity application our customers are using.”

The analytics suite comprises end user services and IT department services.

For users, they can use the content intelligence feature to understand how their files are being accessed and shared, adapting their content strategies accordingly.

For IT, they will be able to better understand the flow of information throughout their organisation with increased visibility through the analytics suite, enabling them to adjust security measures and even streamline operations.

Manufacturing firm Bowmer and Kirkland picked Egnyte’s tool over competitors Dropbox and Huddle for its allegedly more secure file-sharing options.

Egnyte lets users share documents internally and provides links to external partners that grant access to the files on the organisation’s servers.