Fujitsu ponders selling off PC business to Lenovo

Acquisition sign

Rumours suggest that a deal is underway at Fujitsu to hand over control of their PC division to Lenovo Group, in an attempt to re-focus their efforts on other IT services.

Fujitsu has been quick to point out that no official statement has been made on a potential buyout, however, according to a Reuters report a source with “direct knowledge of the talks” has confirmed the deal is underway.

In a statement, Fujitsu said: “In February of this year, Fujitsu split off its PC business and is currently considering various possibilities, including what is being reported, but a decision has not yet been made.”

Nikkei Daily has reported that a possible deal could involve the transfer of Fujitsu’s PC development and manufacturing operations to a Lenovo site, along with the relocation of 2,000 workers.

If a deal goes ahead, this will be the second time Lenovo have bailed out a struggling Japanese PC company, after the 2011 deal with NEC Corp. It would also solidify Lenovo’s place as the World’s leading PC manufacturer.

Fujitsu failed to compete against competition from China and Taiwan and suffered in a market squeezed by an increased popularity of smartphones and tablets.

News of Fujitsu’s break from the PC market came in February, and since then the company has failed to find a viable solution. Earlier this year merger talks fell through with Toshiba Corp and Vaio Corp when the three tech giants failed to reach a consensus.

Channel Pro reached out to Fujitsu but has yet to receive a comment.

Dale Walker

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