AMD expands PRO line-up with new Ryzen and Athlon 3000 series

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Chip manufacturer AMD has announced the expansion of its PRO processor line-up with the new 3000 series, featuring four new processors for its Ryzen and Athlon families.

Designed for premium, lightweight office notebooks, the new Ryzen 7 PRO 3700U, Ryzen 5 PRO 3500U, Ryzen 3 PRO 3300U and Athlon PRO 300U chipsets provide a shot in the arm for productivity, performance and creativity for businesses, AMD said.

With up to four cores, eight threads and Radeon Vega graphics, the new second-generation silicon range delivers up to 16% more multi-threading performance, as well as 14% faster content creation and 12-plus hours of general productivity battery life. The range also boasts improved security features such as AMD memory encryption and a dedicated security co-processor.

When compared side-by-side with Intel’s Core i7-8650U, AMD said its PRO 7 option delivers up to 36% faster photo editing in Adobe Photoshop, up to 64% faster 3D modelling in SPECviewperf 3DS Max, as well as up to 258% faster visualisation with SPECviewperf Medical.

The only processor family with full memory encryption as a standard security feature, the new Ryzen and Athlon chips arrive equipped to tackle the ever-evolving security threats in the workplace.

Thanks to AMD’s GuardMI technology, the line-up includes secure boot, enhanced OS security and memory encryption features to guard against the respective threats of boot kits, system attacks and memory attacks.

“With AMD PRO processors, we don’t force you to purchase premium, more expensive solutions to get the security and professional features that enterprises need,” said David Tjong, product marketing manager at AMD.

“So, whether you want a Ryzen 7, 5, 3 or Athlon PRO processor, you can choose the right performance level you need for your business without sacrificing on enterprise security and manageability features.”

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