The IT Pro Podcast: How laptop libraries can boost digital skills

The IT Pro Podcast: How laptop libraries can boost digital skills

In the modern world, digital skills are absolutely essential, but if you don’t have access to technology, developing those skills is easier said than done. We’ve covered the UK’s growing digital divide in previous episodes, but this week, we’re looking at how one MSP is partnering with London-based charity CC Foundation to help close this gap by providing young people with access to digital devices, mentoring and apprenticeship opportunities.

This week, Totality Services co-founder Luis Navarro talks to us about his work with the charity, why he’s so passionate about the role of young people in the modern IT industry, and how organisations can help open the eyes of more kids to the possibilities of a career in tech.


“I was contacted by Fekky a few months ago, and he was telling me all about the foundation, all the good work that they're doing. And he actually mentioned a survey that took place a number of months ago, too. It was a survey of 13,000 London based kids, and the key findings were quite striking. It basically showed that 84% of kids in London do not have a laptop or access to a laptop, and over 50% of the kids do not have access to internet. Given our background as Totality Services and where we've come from as a business, it all ties in very nicely.”

“There's a guy who works for us, Shane, I mean, he started with us four or five years ago as a 16-year-old, on a very basic salary. Fast forward a couple of years: he's our most senior project engineer. He's only 22 years old. A part of this project for me is giving these kids exposure to people like Shane, who can explain their journey and say, look, I started with very few GCSEs. I didn't go to college, I didn't go to university. But look, do you know what? Totality took me under their wing. They showed me the ropes. And now I've really progressed.”

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