Kyocera Ecosys FS-1061DN review: Affordable, but uninspiring

Kyocera’s FS-1061DN is a decent mono laser let down by slow and underwhelming graphical prints

A photograph of the Kyocera Ecosys FS-1061DN

IT Pro Verdict


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    Good speeds

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    Simple setup

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    Fast text prints

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    Underwhelming graphics performance

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    Mediocre running costs

While it’s not quite the cheapest option in Kyocera’s range of laser printers, the FS-1061DN is nevertheless one of the more affordable mono lasers we’ve seen. Despite falling more towards the entry level, it’s also reasonably well specified, with a claimed 25ppm print speed, duplex printing and an ethernet interface. While its paper tray juts out the front, it comes with a substantial lid that keeps dust off, and doubles as part of the multi-purpose feed.

In common with other Kyocera printers, the FS-1061DN has a ceramic drum that’s expected to last for the printer’s life in normal use. This means you only need buy toner, which helps cut down on plastic waste, but it’s disappointing that the printer arrives with a modest 1,500-page consumable, and replacements last for only 2,100 pages.

Ongoing print costs work out at 2.4p per page; these running costs are reasonable, but they’re not great, especially for a mono machine, and spending a bit more on the likes of the Oki B432dn will net you better long-term value if your print needs are heavy.

This compact printer is fairly light and easy to set up. Get it up and running and you’ll find it’s not too loud in use, with fans that power down almost the moment printing stops. Unfortunately, about every other page there’s a thud from deep in the printer’s workings, which might be annoying if you’re sharing a desk. There’s also no display, so all operations will need to be done via the connected device.

The FS-1061DN managed to beat Kyocera’s stated speed, hitting 26.3ppm over our 25-page text test. Given that this includes the time taken to prepare and spool the job, it’s potentially quicker still. That is, until you throw some graphics its way. This mono printer could only reach a disappointing 9.1ppm when delivering complex greyscale graphics.

This unusually slow result wouldn’t be so bad if the printer’s graphical results were exceptional, but unfortunately they fall below average. Photos and shade graduations in graphics showed up distinct and obvious halftoning patterns, which reduced the smoothness of shade progressions. Unusually for a laser, even black text was a little soft, although to be fair this was only really visible under magnification.

The Kyocera Ecosys FS-1061DN’s affordable price tag may be initially appealing, but without any other massive strengths, it’s hard to recommend this printer. Graphical prints were both slow and underwhelming, and the consumables may prove a headache for those with more than basic needs. If you’re seeking a budget mono laser printer, you’re better off considering Xerox’s superb B230, which is cheaper, faster - and includes Wi-Fi to boot.

Kyocera Ecosys FS-1061DN specifications

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Format1,800 x 600dpi A4 mono laser
Print speed26.3ppm
Print typeDuplex
Tray size250-sheet cassette
Recommended monthly duty cycle15,000 pages (max)
Dimensions358 x 276 x 241mm
Warranty1yr RTB
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