Omnispace and Microsoft partner on ubiquitous 5G NTN connectivity


Omnispace has struck a deal with Microsoft to extend its 3GPP-compliant 5G non-terrestrial network (5G NTN) to underserved regions.

In partnership with Microsoft, Omnispace aims to devise an Azure-centric, hybrid 5G NTN network that will enable ubiquitous mobile connectivity for consumers, enterprises, government, and Internet of Things (IoT) users.

Building on Azure Orbital, Microsoft's Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS), the tactical global hybrid network will combine terrestrial and satellite networks into one cohesive communications network.

Additionally, Azure Operator 5G Core will enable direct routing of voice and data traffic from mobile devices to a low-earth orbit (LEO) constellation operated by Omnispace.

"Omnispace is committed to redefining the way the world thinks about mobile communications, and we believe it should be as seamless no matter where you are," said Ram Viswanathan, president and CEO of Omnispace.

"That's why we are thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft on a solution that will make it possible for anyone requiring global real-time communications to connect to their devices directly from our 5G satellites," added Viswanathan.

Per reports, Omnispace is set to utilize its 2 GHz mobile satellite spectrum and 3GPP band n256 for its 5G NTN network project with Microsoft.

"Through our partnership, users of Omnispace's 5G NTN will be able to access the power of the Microsoft Cloud anytime and anywhere even in remote environments enabling ubiquitous real-time communications," commented Steve Kitay, director of Azure Space.