Veritas extends collaboration with Pure Storage to reduce apps and services downtime

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Veritas has announced the expansion of its collaboration with Pure Storage, which the data protection and storage firm said will reduce downtime for mission-critical applications and services.

Announcing the move at Pure Storage’s annual ‘Pure//Accelerate’ user conference, Veritas unveiled three key new integrations, designed to deliver application resiliency, data analytics and long-term retention to customers.

The first, a new integration between the Pure Storage FlashArray and Veritas’ InfoScale, has been implemented to deliver mission-critical levels of performance, as well as round-the-clock availability for demanding applications.

Customers can also now access data insights to optimise capacity, utilisation, performance, as well as streamline data regulation compliance, thanks to fresh integrations between Pure Storage products and Veritas APTARE IT Analytics.

Additionally, the Veritas Access Appliance provides a “resilient and cost-effective solution” for preserving FlashArray data snapshots for long-term retention, the company said.

"Enterprises today need the agility to scale, analyse and protect data critical to their businesses," commented Prakash Darji, General Manager, FlashArray at Pure Storage. "Integrating our services and solutions with Veritas will continue to provide our customers with access to the information they need to run business efficiently."

First announced back in October 2018, the Veritas and Pure Storage partnership has provided joint customers with a number of backup and recovery products for both on-premises and cloud environments.

Those include the Veritas NetBackup integrated snapshot-based protection for Pure Storage’s FlashArray to protect against ransomware and data-loss, as well as the Pure Storage FlashBlade integration for data protection and rapid restore for mission-critical workloads.

Shared customers can also use FlashBlade as a data hub for streaming analytics and AI cluster projects with Veritas NetBackup providing data protection.

To date, the partnership has provided customers with a consistent, reliable data recovery, Veritas said, that includes point-in-time copies, as well as faster backups at peak performance without lengthy snapshot windows and app time-outs.

"Data is paramount to the success of modern businesses, but as IT environments grow in complexity, and more and more data is filtered in, businesses struggle to align infrastructure spend with the right data protection," said Peter McNamara, vice president of global cloud and technology alliances, Veritas.

"The combined efforts of Veritas and Pure Storage simplify data protection and access with right-sized protection and the industry's fastest restore performance ensuring data is always available and working for the future of business."

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