Scality and HPE launch ARTESCA cloud-native storage software

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Scality has teamed up with HPE to launch ARTESCA, the provider’s new cloud-native, enterprise-grade object storage software for Kubernetes.

The solution has been designed to support application owners and DevOps with efficient deployment and multi-cloud data management, the firm says. The offering tackles multiple use cases, from the edge to the core to the cloud, especially in cloud-native, AI/ML, big data analytics and in-memory applications.

ARTESCA has been paired with the HPE portfolio exclusively for six months and will be available on all-flash and hybrid intelligence data storage servers, or as-a-service via HPE GreenLake.

"ARTESCA is built on our 10+ years of experience supporting the world's largest organisations and understanding their need to meet the demands of the 21st century,” commented Jerome Lecat, Scality CEO. “With our expanded portfolio, HPE and Scality will help more customers power their cloud-native applications from cloud to core to edge.

“ARTESCA is a true enterprise-grade solution that is transforming how data is managed and delivered in a cloud-native world."

With ARTESCA, Scality says application owners and DevOps staff can easily and efficiently manage persistent data storage infrastructures from anywhere.

The solution offers easy installation and can begin as small as a single server before scaling out as required. It’s also adaptive and sustainable across future platforms and tech, the provider says, with a single pane enabling control of multi-cloud data, workflow management, API and user-driven metadata search, as well as storage analytics.

ARTESCA supports multiple Kubernetes distributions and bare metal servers from edge-to-core/core-to-edge or on-premises to public cloud. API-driven, the offering also delivers high performance with ultra-low latency and 10s of GB/s of throughput to meet the needs of AI, machine learning, big data, and edge applications.

ARTESCA is available via a public cloud-inspired procurement model, with one, three and five-year subscriptions available, and will be exclusive to the HPE portfolio for six months.

Chris Powers, HPE’s VP and General Manager of collaborative platforms and big data, said the new object storage and data solution will bring a host of benefits for the firms’ joint customers.

“Combined with a new portfolio of six purposefully configured HPE systems, ARTESCA software empowers customers with an application-centric, developer-friendly, and cloud-first platform with which to store, access, and manage data for their cloud-native apps no matter where it lives — in the data center, at the edge, and in public cloud," he said.

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