7-Eleven improves its omnichannel customer experience with Freshworks

A view of a 7-Eleven convenience store located in Melbourne Australia
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Global convenience store chain 7-Eleven has entrusted Freshworks to improve the digital experience for its customers and franchise partners in the Philippines.

With Freshdesk and Freshdesk Contact Center, 7-Eleven delivers the same in-store conveniences to online customers and regular customers alike.

Specifically, Freshworks unified all of 7-Eleven's customer support into one platform. The firm now handles general store, payment, loyalty program queries for 7-Eleven.

Additionally, automated processing of support tickets and queries ensures a seamless customer experience across all channels. A vast majority of support inquiries are resolved automatically, with SLAs exceeding 95%.

“With the rise of social media use in the Philippines, we’ve witnessed a high demand for support requests on the same channels,” said Aeruh Dimalanta, customer care specialist at 7-Eleven.

“We got Freshdesk up and running in minutes and it helped us automate over 100,000 requests last year with easy to use automations on a platform that’s intuitive for our agents.”

7-Eleven's customer support agents also benefit from Freshdesk's easy-to-use automation tools and built-in social integrations.

As a result of the improved customer experience, 7-Eleven has been able to retain and grow its customer base in the Philippines, in addition to increasing public interest in its CLiQQ app.

“Freshdesk and its contact center are built to scale for consumer brands like 7-Eleven,” said Prakash Ramamurthy, chief product officer at Freshworks.

“We pride ourselves with the ease of use of Freshdesk for support agents and are thrilled to see the business benefits that result from a better customer experience.”