Fuze bolsters communications platform, announces new solutions

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Cloud-based communications provider Fuze has unveiled fresh enhancements to its unified communications platform, as well as two new solutions for field workers.

Designed to deliver improved communication and collaboration for the hybrid workforce, the additions include new mobile, meetings and admin features - such as background blur, improved security, enhanced voice and video quality, screen share from chat, and more.

There are also new Microsoft Teams integrations, including new flexible direct routing, enhanced access to call history for Fuze users, as well as a new hybrid mode and Fuze Contact Centre agent tab.

Fuze says these enhancements will offer users a seamless end-user experience which will ultimately boost productivity and collaboration across distributed workforces.

“Workers need to have the flexibility to easily communicate and collaborate across devices, with their peers and customers from any location,” commented Rob Scudiere, Fuze president and COO.

“At Fuze, our goal is to meet users where they work and address the communication needs of the modern worker as they continue to evolve, and this platform update is a critical step in doing so during these rapidly changing times.”

Alongside the platform updates, Fuze has also unveiled two new offerings for field workers: Fuze Walkie-Talkie Mode and a RealWear assisted reality solution.

Walkie-Talkie Mode enables users to send instant audio messages and have them automatically played on receipt, creating a hands-free option when working in the field.

Additionally, Fuze’s solution with RealWear’s assisted reality wearable devices offers workers instant hands-free access to meetings, calls and messaging with a heads-up display.

Operating on an Android mobile device, it utilises a front-facing HD camera to capture photos and share live footage with experts to help troubleshoot and resolve tasks in the field. Both solutions are directly accessible via the Fuze mobile application.

“There is a critical need for streamlined communications, and our Walkie-Talkie Mode provides the real-time, hands-free touch points needed to keep workforces connected while staying safe,” Scudiere said.

“As assisted reality continues to drive the future of remote support in the field, our enterprise-ready solution with RealWear will empower the modern industrial worker to better collaborate, be more productive, and operate safely at the pace required to drive positive business results.”

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