In the editor's chair: Brendon Petsch, Gritit

We're joined in the IT Pro office today by Brendon Petsch, IT director at Gritit who is taking over the helm as editor.

Take a look at his opinion piece on wearable computing below and also his comments on recent news and reviews.

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OPINION: As manufacturers scramble to release the nextvariantof wearable technology, investing millions and hoping to be the first to capture the attention of the public,I am left wonderingwhere this is all headed and what it means for the averageconsumer.

LED mood sweaters,smart socks,smart cufflinks,Bluetooth earrings, Google Glass, FuelBands,Fitbits,Power Wellies, solar-powered bikinis, musical clothingand eventracking devicesfor your childrenare just some of the latest products, most of which arealreadycommercially available.Are we in the early stages of a new tech revolution or is this just a passing fad? Do these solve any real-world problem or fill any gap in the market? I don't think so. Certainly not just yet anyway.

Granted, wehave come a long waysince the craze ofthe calculator watch and pocket protector of the early 80s, but will we see any real benefit fromwearabletechnology in the next five to 10 years?

There aresome obviouslimitations dragging thetechnology down and these will all need to be addressed beforefindingany mass market appeal.Due to the size and weight of most of these gadgets, they are still rather uncomfortable and unattractive to wear. Internet connectivity is still reliant on being tethered to a smart phone in most cases, which limits what can be done with the device and the obvious power limitationsas batteryliferemains quite limited.Thechallengewill be creating something fashionableyetsmalland lightenoughto comfortably wear without sacrificingany key features.


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