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19/09/2017: EE unveils UK prices for Apple Watch Series 3

Mobile network EE has unveiled the prices customers can buy a Apple Watch Series 3 for and opened pre-orders too.

All Apple watches are priced at 25 for 24 months, which works out at 600 in total, and have unlimited data. The devices also share minutes and texts allowances from a user's phone. If you choose the 42mm version of any watch it will cost you 29.99 extra compared to the 38mm version.

EE currently has the aluminium version in gold, silver and space grey, the Nike+ aluminium version in silver or space grey, and the white stainless steel version.

Customers will need to pay an upfront cost of 129.99 for the stainless steel version of the watch, or 159.99 for the 42mm version, although the upfront cost for the other versions it offers starts at 0.

Users who buy their watch from other sellers can set up a data plan with EE through the Apple Watch Series 3 app. In the app select "Set up Mobile Data" where you will be able to log in with an EE account and select a plan.

On Twitter, EE stated that if a user buys their watch from somewhere else and wants to add a data plan, customers will have six months free unlimited data and it will then be 5 per month for 10GB. Full pricing and tariffs are yet to be confirmed andIT Prohas contacted EE for more information.

If you buy the Apple Watch Series 3 silver aluminium version from EE directly it will cost you the 29.00 upfront fee plus 25 per month for 24 months which altogether is 629.99. This gives you unlimited data too.

If you buy the same version of the device from Apple it will cost you 429.99. You can then add the 10GB/5 a month deal, which for 24 months comes to 120. This, combined with the watch price, will cost 549.99 which is cheaper than what EE are selling it for but will only get you 10GB of data.

EE says that while your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth, it will use the phone's data allowance instead of its own. The network also says the watch will not work with another network and data is UK use only so this function will not be available if you take it abroad.

At launch, the device is an exclusive on EE and the network says you will need an iPhone SE, an iPhone 6 or above on the EE network with either a SIM only or pay monthly plan to use the watch.

The device is set to launch on 22 September, which is this Friday.iOS 11andwatchOS 4both launch today which many Apple fans will be happy about.

15/09/2017: Apple Watch 3 may not support international roaming

The LTE Apple Watch 3 may not have international roaming and users will not be able to change their network when they go abroad.

Reddit user learnjavaaskedApple Support whether the watch would be able to roam outside its home country.

The user wrote: "The watch will not support roaming. At all. For Europeans that means your country only, even after the recent (June) law about European roaming freedom."

"There is no way to use a European watch with e.g. a US-carrier. The hardware might support identical bands (but even then way different than what we are used to from iPhones) but the service rep told me that it is not clear when and if at all it will be possible to change countries. Could be a hardware limit."

Mobile network EE toldIT Prothat Apple has designed the product so it cannot connect to cellular networks when abroad. In order for it to be compliant with EU law EE said it has an EE Smart Watch data plan which is set up as a domestic-only plan. EE added that customers can still use their iPhone in the EU using their UK data allowance.

IT Prohas also contacted Apple for comment.

Reddit user LazyA**edAssasin pointed at the Apple Watch'sdata pagewhich shows that 3 different models are available in different regions of the world. The UK model does not support UMTS and Apple states at the bottom of the page that "roaming is not available outside your provider network coverage area".

This could potentially come into conflict withEU lawwhich forces networks to drop mobile roaming charges earlier this year. The European Commission stated: "If you pay for a monthly package of minutes, SMS and data in your country, any voice call, SMS and data session you make while travelling abroad in the EU will be deducted from that volume as if you were at home, with no extra charges. This means the end of roaming charges as travellers have experienced them so far."

Additionally, this may also be a problem for UK customers who wanted to buy the new watch in the US and save a little money since Apple has set the price of its products at the same price in dollars and pounds.

14/09/2017: Apple Watch 3 battery life plummets on talk time

The cellular-enabled Apple Watch 3 might not be quite as useful as Apple would have us believe.

When Apple made its latest wearable its first big announcement at Tuesday's special event, boasting about its data connectivity that allows it to act as your mobile phone, what CEO Tim Cook et al neglected to tell us was its battery life suffers badly when it's used in this way.

Watch 3's battery life stands at 18 hours after a full night's charge when using it for activities such as checking the time and using apps, Apple says. It lasts up to 10 hours when playing back music when connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth.

But when using the Watch 3 to take a phone call in connection with an iPhone, that 18 hours drastically falls to just three hours of battery life - and drops even further to just over one hour when using LTE to chat.

First spotted by9to5Mac, Apple'sbattery information pageon the Watch 3 spills the beans. The wearable lasts 10 hours for indoor workouts and five hours with outdoor workouts involving GPS. If using both GPS and LTE during a workout, the battery life falls to four hours.

For a watch that is promoting itself on its LTE and GPS capabilities, the actual battery life when using these features is quite low.

20:40:Apple Watch Series 3 UK prices unveiled

The Apple Watch Series 3 prices have been unveiled on the company'swebsite.

It will start at 329, for a wrist size of 38mm, or 359, for a 48mm wrist size.If you want the cellular version then that will set you back 399 or 429.

These styles are available to choose from at these starting prices: Silver aluminium case with fog sport band, gold aluminium case with pink sand sport band, space grey aluminium case with grey sport band, space grey aluminium case with black sport band.

There are also two stainless steel case versions which come in either white or black and are only available as the GPS and cellular version which will start at 599 for the 38mm version and 649 for the 42mm one.

Additionally, there is a stainless steel case with a Milanese loop version for 699/749 and it only comes in the GPS and cellular version too. The black version is priced at 749/799.

The Nike watch styles follow the same pattern and are starting prices are between 329 and 399.

For those who want to splash their cash, there is a Hermes version which costs between 1,199 and 1,399 depending on what style you go for.

Lastly, there is a white and black ceramic versions which start at 1,299.

EE is the only network in the UK which the new Apple Watch is currently available on.

The normal GPS device needs an iPhone 5s or later with iOS 11 installed. The cellular version of the watch needs an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 11 on it too.

The Apple Watch and phone provider must be the same, which means you will need a phone contract with EE for it to work.

19:04:The Watch Series 3 is only available with EE in the UK

EE is offering UK customers to register for the Apple Watch Series 3 on theirwebsiteand will let them know when it is ready to pre-order.

It is an exclusive for the network although it has not said how much the device will cost in the UK. Apple said at its event that prices for the cellular watch would start from $399 and $329 for the non-cellular version.

That's about 300 for the cellular version and 248 for the non-cellular one, as long as EE does not raise the price.

The new watch will be able to work independently of a user's iPhone and has its own SIM which means it can make and receive calls. It shares the same number as the iPhone and has a built-in electronic SIM so user's don't have to worry about buying a separate one from a network.

Its dual-core processor is 70% faster than its predecessor and the device will have up to 18 hours battery life.

18:44:Apple unveiled the new Apple Watch Series 3 at its event in California

The watch will cost $399 for the cellular version and $329 for the non-cellular. It will be available in the UK with EE at launch. Orders begin 15 September and it will be available from 22 September if you want to get your wrists on one of these.

It has cellular built in which means users can go for a run with just the watch and stay connected, leaving their phone behind. It uses the same number as the iPhone and you can use maps, receive important phone calls and use third-party apps such as WeChat. It has up to 18 hours battery life and you can also use Apple music to stream over 40 million songs from your wrist.

The watch has a new dual-core processor which is 70% faster and Siri can talk on it for the first time ever. Apple has made their own custom wireless chip, called the W2, which provides 85% faster wi-fi and is 50% more power efficient. There is also a barometric altimeter to measure what elevation you reach when you are running.Interestingly, the actual display of the watch is its antenna and Apple integrated an electronic sim into the device, which is a fraction of the size of a nano sim. The case is the same as the Series 2 except the back has been extended by 0.25mm, the same size as two sheets of paper.

A number of bands are available including in gold, silver and space grey. There is also a sport loop, for those with an active lifestyle, and exclusive colours for the Nike bands. Apple has also added a ceramic watch in agrey finish as well as the standard white.

18:20:Tim Cook has kicked off the Apple event by talking about the Apple Watch.

"The Apple Watch is now the number one watch in the world" said Cook. It was previously the fourth most popular watch in the world. He also said the Watch grew by 50% last quarter which he called "incredible".

12/09/2017:Apple is reportedly working with Stanford University and telehealth firm American Well to test whether the heart rate sensor built into the Apple Watch is capable of detecting abnormal heart rhythms in patients.

The technology is typically used to track heart rates while exercising, however it's thought it could be refined enough to accurately detect arrhythmias, or heart abnormalities, or patients that are at a high risk of serious diseases, according to aCNBCreport.

Arrhythmias aren't always a sign of a serious problem, however a condition known as atrial fibrillation can mean a patient may be at high risk of blood clots, strokes, and other complications, while showing no external symptoms. The thought is that the Apple Watch could be used as an early screening tool that alerts users to consult a doctor.

"Atrial fibrillation is a common rhythm disorder and knowing someone has it is medically useful because those people might need specific treatments," said Bob Wachter, chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, speaking toCNBC.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently suggested the company was looking into heart health apps for the Apple Watch. Speaking in an interview withFortune, he said an early goal for the device was "performing some measurements of your health that people were not measuring, at least continually. Like your heart. Very few people wore heart monitors. We're extremely interested in this area. And yes, it is a business opportunity."

Those involved with the test have requested to remain anonymous as the plans have yet to be made public, according to the report, however they did confirm that a clinical trial is scheduled for the end of the year.

11/09/2017: LTE Apple Watch 3 to use the same phone number as iPhone it's paired with

The Apple Watch Series 3 will share the same phone number as the iPhone linked to it, a massive leak of the iOS 11 golden master (GM) code that took place over the weekend revealed.

The leak shows that the Apple Watch will use LTE cellular networks to make and receive calls and data independently of the iPhone, according to9to5Mac.

Users will be able to add their Watch 3 to their iPhone plan, meaning both devices will share the same number.

The code also appears to suggest that some carriers will offer promotional plans for the LTE Apple Watch, perhaps including free months of service.

The upcoming Apple Watch 3 appears to have a similar form to the Apple Watch Series 2,9to5Macreported,which suggests buyers can use their bands from previous generations.

The GM leak also revealeda number of details, including that Apple plans to release three iPhones, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. The X will be Apple's flagship previously referred to as the iPhone 8, while the 8 and 8 Plus will be what were being referred to as the 7s and 7s Plus, showing Apple is killing the 's' branding. The leak also reveals that Face ID is definitely set to appear in the iPhone X.

This is potentially the biggest and most revealing leak ever, with an Apple insider reportedly making the code available to two news websites.

28/07/2017:Apple Watch Series 3 could be released at the same time as the iPhone 8

Rumours that Apple could release the next Apple Watch this year have intensified following a report that shows its manufacturer is expected to enjoy strong growth in the second-half of 2017.

Quanta Computer is the main manufacturer of the Apple Watch since its official launch in 2015, as reported byMacRumors. The publication said Apple is meant to be keeping Quanta as its main supplier for the next installment of the watch and this means the company should begin the second half of 2017 strongly.

The website also predicts that, while theiPhone 8is raising a lot of media attention, Apple may launch a new Apple Watch this year - potentially at the same time the new phone is announced in September. Apple pursued this strategy when it announced the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 in the same month.

The new watch is rumoured to have cellular connectivity, meaning that users can make calls and send messages without needing to connect the device to the iPhone. Despite this, it may mean that users will have to have two separate cellular plans: one for their watch and one for their phone.

There have been reports that Apple may not be able to produce enough iPhone 8 devices for its launch in September due to a shortage of OLED panels at assembly plants. This may mean that although the iPhone 8 will potentially make its debut in September, not all customers will be able to buy one, which isn't different to any other iPhone launch.

07/06/2017:Apple watchOS 4 announced at WWDC 2017

Apple showcased the watchOS 4 operating system at WWDC 2017 and highlighted a host of new features including new Siri integrations and fitness features.

New fitness features include personalised updates, monthly challenges and celebrations when you hit a goal. The watch will let you jump into any workout with just a tap, includes a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) mode and lets you track your swims better. To help users get the most out of a workout, the watch will now automatically turn a Do Not Disturb setting when you begin a workout too.

Music has been changed too as the Apple Watch will automatically sync playlists that have been curated for you to the watch. Added Bluetooth functionality means the watch can connect to other health and fitness devices too, potentially even for monitoring glucose levels while exercising.

Developers can currently access the developer preview but the public will have to wait until the autumn to get their hands/wrists on the new update.

Make sure you check out ourApple watchOS 4 hubfor all the details

19/05/2017:Tim Cook spotted sporting Watch with blood sugar tracker

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been spotted with a special version of the Watch on his wrist, which includes a prototype blood sugar tracker. That follows previous reports that Apple was looking to sell a glucose sensor that can connect to the Apple Watch to help those with diabetes.

The first version of the Apple Watch included a heart-rate sensor, but didn't feature GPS or waterproofing, meaning it was less useful for fitness tracking. The Apple Watch 2 included both features, making it handy for runners, swimmers and other athletics. It now looks as though Apple is adding health to the Watch's capabilities.

According to aCNBCreport, Cook was spotted wearing a prototype sensor that connects to the Apple Watch while at the company's headquarters. Cook has previously discussed the idea of a glucose sensor, and said he'd been wearing one, while in Edinburgh giving a talk to university students, but said at the time he removed it before the trip. At the time, he said it was "mentally anguishing to stick yourself many times a day to check your blood sugar," CNBC reported, noting that the Apple glucose tracker will be non-invasive.

He suggested the sensor would be useful to people at risk of diabetes, as they could track their body's response to what they're eating and "adjust well before they become diabetic".

The glucose sensor is thought to be a "smart band" that attaches to the Watch to extend it's capabilities, rather than a feature built into a new version of the wearable.

12/05/2017: Will the next Apple Watch offer sleep tracking?

Apple has acquired Beddit, a Finnish sleep tracking firm, in a move that could signal the technology is coming to Apple Watch.

Sleep tracking technology is common in wearables, particularly when it comes to specialist health and fitness devices. Despite Apple pushing its smartwatch's health credentials, it has never included sleep tracking as an integral part of the device, although it's a commonly requested feature.

Beddit's device, which has been on sale in Apple Stores since 2015, isn't a wearable itself, though. Instead, it consists of a 1.5mm thick strip that users place on top of their mattress and is plugged into a mains socket for power. It can then monitor many aspects of a person's sleep, including their heart rate, time and quality of sleep, and whether the user is snoring. It also includes an intelligent alarm system that wakes users during their lightest phase of sleep.

The question now is whether Apple has acquired the company for its software or its hardware - or both. Indeed, the Beddit app has been one of several that have filled the sleep-tracking gap left by Apple Watch.In order to integrate Beddit's technology into the Apple Watch itself, however, the device would need a significant hardware upgrade currently, the device is unable to track sleep as it requires recharging each night.

02/05/2017:A number of leading tech companies have silently killed off their Apple Watch apps, according to a report byApple Insider.

Google has joined Amazon, Ebay, and US retailer Target by dropping support for its WatchOS Maps app in a recent April update, although no official announcement was made, the publication said. So far the dropped apps include Amazon's shopping service and Google Maps.

Google has stated toApple Insiderthat although it has dropped support for Google Maps, it plans to add it once again in the future.

It is unclear why the companies decided to remove the apps, however, though it may be that the services weren't widely used by Apple Watch owners, rather than necessarily an indication of a struggling platform.

However it could also be a sign that the platform is no longer lucrative. It is no secret that Apple has found it difficult to convince customers of the platform's potential, with estimates fromIDC analystssuggesting as much as a 71.6% drop in sales in the third quarter of 2016.

And Apple isn't alone, with wider sales of smartwatches tanking over the last year. Google is struggling to sell its Android Wear range amid poor customer demand, and development of its latest version was pushed back after third party manufacturers such as Motorola abandoned device production at the end of last year.

The market was also hit with the shock news that Pebble, the company considered a leading exponent of smart watch technology, was being sold off to Fitbit forpractically nothingin December.

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