Apple Watch 3 release date UK, price and specs: Everything you need to know

Apple Watch 3 Apps

There are already thousands of apps available for Apple Watch 2 so hopefully many of them will be available for the Series 3. Take a look at some of them below:

Health and Fitness

Apple Watch has been positioned as a health and fitness companion, as well as a mobile device, with the HealthKit developer platform underpinning it all.

As well as built-in fitness tracking and motivation apps like Workout, Move and Activity, third-party apps like Nike+ Running, Runtastic, Strava, and Lifesum are also available straight away. Apps for more holistic exercise regimes, such as yoga, are available as well.


Travel companies were very quick to develop apps for Apple Watch, with airline apps such as British Airways and EasyJet allowing the user to track their flight status in real time, as well as informing them of when their gate has opened and providing a weather forecast for their destination.

Expedia and TripAdvisor also have Apple Watch apps. The former lets users check their upcoming travel itineraries, including flights and hotel information, while the latter can provide them of things to do, restaurants to visit and other important tourist information in their surroundings.

Other travel apps include National Rail, Uber, and remote car unlocking for VW and BMW cars.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all developed Apple Watch apps.

The Twitter app notifies users of new tweets or retweets via a tap on the wrist, which they can also read in full on the Apple Watch Screen. Wearers can also use the app to compose tweets via voice and follow trending topics.

Instagram, meanwhile, lets users browse their feeds, like photos, and leave emoji comments, as well as delivering notifications.


There is a significant number of productivity-focused apps available for Apple Watch, including Salesforce and over 20 Salesforce partners, Invoice2go, Wunderlist and OfficeTime.

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