Apple Watch 3 release date UK, price and specs: Everything you need to know

Customers are being told they need to phone EE to try and fix the problems

Apple Watch specs and features

Apple Watch 3 iPhone independent

The Apple Watch Series 2 needed an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 or 7 Plus, and iOS 10 or later. This was because much of the"heavy lifting" was done by the phone, which then pushed information to the device.

Now, the Apple Watch Series 3 has cellular connectivity and can operate independently, without needing to be near an iPhone all the time. There is a version of it which is non-cellular and is, obviously, cheaper.

The cellular version means users can go for a run with just the watch and stay connected, leaving their phone behind. It uses the same number as a user's iPhone and you can use maps, receive important phone calls and use third party apps such as WeChat. It has up to 18 hours battery life and you can also use Apple music to stream over 40 million songs from your wrist.

Apple Watch 3 specs

The watch has a new dual core processor which is 70% faster and Siri can talk on it for the first time ever. Apple has made their own custom wireless chip, called the W2, which provides 85% faster wi-fi and is 50% more power efficient. There is also a barometric altimeter to measure what elevation you reach when you are running.

Interestingly, the actual display of the watch is its antenna and Apple integrated an electronic sim into the device, which is a fraction of the size of a nano sim. The case is the same as the Series 2 except the back has been extended by 0.25mm, the same size as two sheets of paper.

It has a capacity of 8GB, a heart rate sensor, an acceloremeter and gyroscope and is also water resistant to 50 metres.

The cellular version is slightly different and has a capacity of 16GB.

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes in a 38mm version, weighing 26.7g or 28.7g with cellular, or a 42mm version, weighing 32.3g or 34.9g with cellular.

Apple Watch 3 watchOS 4

Apple has revealed that watchOS 4 will be available from 19 September.

There are new watchOS 4 icons which indicate Apple is preparing the Watch 3 to support a number of workouts. iHelp BRspotted new stick figure icons in the iOS 11 internal files and code. These new movements range from skiing in the snow, playing baseball and even dancing.

Apple Watch 3 Bands

A number of bands are available including in gold, silver and space grey. There is also a sport loop, for those with an active lifestyle, and exclusive colours for the Nike bands. Apple has also added a ceramic watch in grey finish as well as the standard white.

Apple Pay and NFC

Apple Paywill probably remain on the Watch Series 3 as Apple continues encouraging users to take advantage of the service. After all, it removes the need for taking your card, or phone, out of your pocket to pay for items since the watch is ony your wrist.

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