Rajant partners with Extronics to bring safe Wi-Fi to IIoT

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Private wireless network specialist Rajant has teamed up with Extronics to bring intrinsically safe Wi-Fi tags to demanding Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) industries.

The new strategic partnership will combine Rajant's latest firmware release (11.19.1) with the UK-based firm's AeroScout iTAG100 in order to safely and securely track personnel in hazardous work environments.

As well as tracking people, Extronics AeroScout's Wi-Fi-based active RFID tags also enable wireless network infrastructure to accurately track the location and condition of valuable company assets using short 802.11 messages at a predefined interval, the companies said.

"Rajant's latest firmware release, 11.19.1, provides Extronics Wi-Fi tags with intrinsically safe support when using Rajant's LX5, ME4 or KM3 network," said Geoff Smith, executive VP of Sales & Marketing at Rajant. "This is especially relevant to personnel tracking, which is a requirement for underground mines, and other industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemical and ports.

"Given Rajant's fully mobile private wireless network never breaks for handoff and always seeks the most efficient data path, customers using Rajant's technology will not only be able to track personnel, but also identify productivity bottlenecks to improve operational efficiency."

Battery-powered and programmable, Extronics' rugged tags boast long battery life, flexible mounting options, call button and tamper-proof options, as well as onboard sensor capabilities.

Businesses can also leverage their ability to store and receive data messages, in addition to clear channel assessments that avoid Wi-Fi data traffic interference.

"Extronics is focused on helping industrial customers improve safety and efficiency through communication and situational awareness, so it's great to partner with Rajant," commented Chris Sadler, Extronics business development manager for the Americas.

"With their Kinetic Mesh wireless network now certified as compatible with AeroScout technology, we're looking forward to providing robust solutions that suit our customers' requirements."

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