Peplink says “I do” to distributor 4Gon

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Peplink, manufacturer of VPN bonding and internet load balancing products, has added to its distribution line-up with 4Gon Solutions.

4Gon joins current Peplink distie Cloud Distribution.

The specialist distributor of Wi-Fi, cellular and wireless communications hardware will offer the entire Peplink portfolio, alongside pres and post-sales technical advice and support for its resellers.

Craig Herrett, sales manager at 4Gon says the distributor has been “very impressed” with Peplink for some time, and “have been courting” the firm since it launched its UK office in 2012.

“This announcement is effectively the start of our formal relationship,” he comments.

“Peplink is a great addition to our portfolio and delivers a number of unique features such as mobile fleet management and policy based link aggregation which makes its products stand out from the crowd which helps with our awareness raising activities,” adds 4Gon’s marketing manager, David Frith.

“4Gon is a highly respected distributor and its focus, especially on the 3G/4G router space is an area we believe is showing the fastest level of growth for our product sets,” adds Andy Harris, sales director for Peplink.

“Over the coming months, we look forward to working on a number of educational and training programmes to help further educate channel partners.”


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