Windows XP support end of life: Ultimate guide

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Windows XP was and still is a good operating system. But, at 13 years old, it's well passed pensionable age by tech standards and the time has come for retirement. Today (8 April) is the day Microsoft ceases extended support for Windows XP.

However, OS retirement is not an easy process. And with many organisations - particularly those in the financial and public sectors - still heavily reliant on Windows XP to power their business operations, there is fear, uncertainty and doubt about how to move forward.

Some firms have a migration strategy in place, others are working towards that goal. Others may be frozen in panic. There are real security fears in place now that support has been pulled.

We've rounded up all of our Windows XP content hereand provided a list of some key articles below you may find relevant as your business decides what to do next. Or indeed, wonders, what other businesses are doing about the problem child XP is likely to become.

As always, we value your feedback and comments so get in touch either by email or using the comments functionality below the article.

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