Windows 10 May 2020 Update is causing major Chrome issues

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Windows 10 users have reported issues with Google Chrome whereby the web browser logs them out of their accounts and removes stored information such as cookies and passwords.

The Windows 10 May 2020 Update seemingly undermines Google Chrome’s authentication and sign-in features and renders it unable to retain data as it should, according to issues widely noted on internet forums, as reported by Windows Latest.

One user, for example, has reported Chrome not saving cookies and preventing synchronisation after rebooting their system. Others, meanwhile, have complained about similar sign-in issues with various applications such as Edge, OneDrive, and the Chromium-based Battle.Net app.

“I'm dealing with a problem where each time I close chrome, it pauses sync and doesn't seem to use stored cookies (meaning it logs me out of all websites, regardless of if the password is stored in sync or not),” commented one user on a Google forum. “This issue only began after I moved to a new computer (from windows 7 to windows 10) and used restore from an external hard drive to move over all my files.”

The user added they tried a number of workarounds, such as deleting all Chrome-related files, restoring the app as well as downloading the Chrome Beta, none of which seemed to fix the issues.

Two weeks after Microsoft launched the May 2020 Update, which was released with ten major flaws, users have continued to experience issues. Lenovo ThinkPad users, for example, may encounter bugs specific to their machines, including incompatibility with BitLocker and an AMD video driver issue.


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The reported issues with Google Chrome’s syncing capabilities, which hasn’t yet been recognised by Microsoft, has emerged alongside incompatibility issues with certain printers. Microsoft confirmed over the weekend that it’s an investigating an issue involving the print spooler erroring or closing unexpectedly when attempting to print. This has come as a result of the minor update KB4557957.

There is some dispute over the root nature of the cause, however, with one user noting on a Microsoft Answer forum, for instance, that the problem was solved after they uninstalled the KB4560960 and KB4561608 updates.

The latest in a string of bug-ridden flagship upgrades, the May 2020 upgrade has seen a bumpy release so far, despite Microsoft giving it a much longer testing lead-time than normal. The update was being beta-tested as far back as February 2019, in light of the botched April 2018 and October 2018 upgrade.

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