Exclusive Networks struck by cyber breach

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Exclusive Networks has revealed it has been hit by a cyber breach, affecting the cyber security distributor's systems across five countries.

The Paris-based firm said it had been affected in the UK, US, France, Singapore, and the UAE, with the breach resulting in unauthorised access to data. There has, however, been no impact on the distributor’s day-to-day commercial operations.

Exclusive says that experts and its incident response team took immediate action to mitigate the breach and reinforce its security position, but added that its efforts to resolve the incident continue.

Investigations and forensic analysis are "ongoing" to understand the extent of the breach, however Exclusive says that no customer or partner data is known to have been affected by the unauthorised access.

"All necessary steps have been taken to stop the vulnerability and all systems globally have been checked to ensure their integrity and efficacy," Exclusive Networks said in a statement. "The Company is in contact with all relevant regulatory and data protection authorities pursuant to GDPR. Exclusive employees have been advised to take all necessary steps and precautions."

"More information will be provided as soon as it becomes known. The Company reiterates no commercial activities are affected by the incident and business continues as usual.”

The incident means Exclusive Networks becomes the latest in a line of cyber attacks on security firms.

At the backend of 2020, IT software provider SolarWinds was hit by attackers that deployed malware in updates for the firm's Orion software for IT inventory management. The attackers then used the malware to spread additional malicious software onto the networks of SolarWinds customers.

SolarWinds said in SEC filings that 33,000 customers were using Orion at the time, with around 18,000 believed to have installed the infected update.

Elsewhere, US cybersecurity firm FireEye was also hit by sophisticated attackers, who stole tools the company uses to simulate real hackers and test security of its customers.

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