BT Security unveils Eagle-I cyber defence platform

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BT Security has revealed details of its new Eagle-i solution, which the telecoms provider says is its most sophisticated cyber defence platform to date.

The offering combines BT’s global network insights with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation advancements to predict, detect, and mitigate security threats.

The platform has been designed to self-learn from the intelligence provided by each intervention, enabling it to continuously improve its threat knowledge and multi-cloud protection capabilities.

It has been created in response to new research conducted by BT, which revealed that its intelligence team had experienced a more than a 50% increase in malware traffic over the last six months.

With a global shortage of skilled security professionals, organisations around the world are struggling to tackle the evolving threat landscape, the provider added.

“Security is now at the top of the boardroom and government agenda – yet many organisations are seeing their cyber risks increase to unmanageable levels,” commented Kevin Brown, managing director of BT Security. “This situation demands a new, proactive approach.”

In response, Eagle-i utilises an AI layer to provide real-time detection of issues and intelligent automated responses, which BT says will enable users to significantly speed up their reaction times and “outpace their cyber threats”.

The platform also features integration capabilities with technologies from across the security ecosystem to help organisations spot holes in their defences without the need to replace existing investments.

The telecoms giant says the solution will underpin how it protects its global operations and provide phased enhancements, as well as increased functionality, for all its managed security services.

“Eagle-i leverages the latest advances in AI and automation to continually monitor, learn and evolve so customers can stay a step ahead of cyber criminals,” Brown added.

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