New Motorola team to fill gap in partner services


Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions business has announced a new Advanced Services team to help channel partners plug any gaps in their design, consultancy or integration skills. The vendor says it aims to “help [partners] close deals that might otherwise be out of their reach.”

The team will focus on areas such as enterprise wireless LAN, voice over IP and security services, and offer a range of managed services.

“Our new end-to-end security services play a key role within our new advanced services portfolio,” explains Chris Ranger, head of services, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions, EMEA. “One key focus within the suite of security services is ensuring best practice, secure Enterprise wireless LAN design and performance. Another key focus, which is particularly important, as the number of reported security breaches increases, is the provision of industry specific security assessments, such as for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in retail or hospitality, or for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) for healthcare.”

The vendor says partners can benefit from working with the Advanced Services team to provide consultancy in complex areas such as wireless security. Motorola points out that while many smaller resellers sell wireless networking equipment to customers, they lack the skilled staff to carry out a detailed WLAN design or mandatory security assessments. It says customers are increasingly demanding the provision of ongoing technical services, and the Advanced Services team will enable resellers to fulfil that business need.


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