Tech Data launches identity and access management as a service solution

Abstract image showing a cube with a finger print on top, connected to other cubes, to symbolise identity and access management

Tech Data has announced a new identity and access management as a service (IAMaaS) solution, designed to enable partners to provide a managed service to customers without the need to invest up-front.

The IT distribution giant said the offering will help partners tackle the challenges that come with new hybrid working practices, such as the growing threat of cyber criminals and management of network access and identities.

“Identity and access management is right on the front line of enterprise digital defences and should be a critical element of every organisation’s security posture,” explained Alison Nixon, director, security, Advanced Solutions, at Tech Data’s UK and Ireland business.

“But many customers don’t have a policy or a solution in place – and many partners do not have the in-house skills and capabilities to manage IAM for their customers and deliver the right outcomes. Our service breaks that impasse, providing our partners with a managed IAM service that they and their customers can trust.”

Tech Data said it has designed its IAMaaS offering to be easy to sell, deploy and manage. It leverages tried and tested IAM services by select industry partners, offering protection in three key areas – access management, identity governance and administration, as well as privileged access management.

Making use of Active Directory and Azure Active Directory as its foundation, the solution provides a set of practice frameworks and technologies for the establishment of secure access and to ensure privileged access and administrator activities are always secure, audited, and fully under control, the distributor added.

The offering is the latest addition to Tech Data’s RECON Security Suite services portfolio, which is made up of managed and subscription-based services that partners can offer to their customers. Developed around the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework, these services include identity and access management, consulting, SOCaaS, as well as backup and recovery.

Daniel Todd

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