Avnet gets socially active

cartoon graphic of social media

Avnet Technology Solutions has launched a new social media tool to help its UK vendors reach out to end-users via its business partners’ social networks.

The distributor provides the ‘socialondemand’ tool from purechannelapps under the name ‘Avnet socialondemand’.

“Using the tool, we are able to provide our business partners with a valuable source of content which they often find a challenge to create themselves,” explains Avnet’s head of solutions strategy, Bruce Hockin (pictured). “By giving them a regular stream of targeted content which they can post as their own, we will help them build their social presence and positively influence the end-user decision making process.”

75 Avnet partners have registered for the service since its launch last month. The distributor says it is so far achieving an average of eight reposts by partners per original piece of social media content provided by Avnet, and has generated over 7,000 clicks, downloads and re-tweets for its vendors. It says click-through rates of up to 25 percent have been experienced for many news items (based on clicks versus partner connections).

The distributor says such response rates demonstrate higher levels of return than traditional marketing communications – with the tool also giving the customer a natural path to follow in the sales cycle towards ultimate purchase.

“socialondemand…helps vendors to spread their end-user messages exponentially and their business partners to become ‘socially active’,” says Olivier Choron, CEO and founder of purechannelapps. “But the most critical impact socialondemand has is enabling vendors and partners to influence the end-user decision making process and close the loop on the sales cycle via its partners.”

“Following the initial launch we are now proactively engaging with many of our vendors to discuss incorporating Avnet socialondemand as a key element of the marketing process,” adds Hockin.


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