TechHub expands with new London location


TechHub, the global community for tech start-ups and entrepreneurs, is opening another premises in the UK's capital.

The organisation already has locations in Shoreditch, Swansea, Bangalore, Berlin, Boston, Bucharest and Riga, as well as TechHub @ Campus in London. The new location, dubbed TechHub London and located on Ropemaker Street, will open on 22 June, and will reportedly house up to 400 TechHub members.

Andrew Tibbitts, global COO of TechHub, said: "London is full of tech innovation and there's a lot of it happening at TechHub. While, TechHub provides a community in which members can collaborate, network and help each other during the early stages of their business, we also work with the growing number of tech start-ups in London rapidly scaling their companies.

"UK start-ups are attracting investment like never before and with its close proximity to the City, and excellent opportunities to help them grow, we're expecting to see our members use TechHub London to succeed even further in raising funding rounds, attracting the very best talent and successfully bringing products to market."

Speaking to IT Pro, TechHub founder Elizabeth Varley outlined some of the benefits members can benefit from, such as access to corporate and venture capitalists.

"We found there was a real need amongst product start-ups for this sense of community, the sense of being part of something bigger than just what they're working on," she said.

"Also just having access to all of the things that we can provide for them and access to all of the other members means they don't necessarily need us as TechHub to help they with X, Y and Z they can talk to the person they're sat next to.

"The only thing we're really looking for is that they want to be part of a community they want to get something out of it and contribute something to it. They're not just looking for a cheap desk space."

Caroline Preece

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