Dell World 2012: Michael Dell sets out firm's big bets for growth

The Clinton Factor

Dell's final keynote announcement was the creation of the Dell Centre for Entrepreneurs a community for "founders at all stages of growth companies", which will help them get access to funding, advice and support.

Following every downturn, entrepreneurs have jump-started the economy

"As the world looks for a sustainable path towards greater economic prosperity and job creation, we believe that technology can create tremendous opportunities," he said.

"Following every downturn, entrepreneurs have emerged to create new businesses that have jump-started the economy and Dell can help these companies succeed," Dell added.

This is a sentiment shared by former American president Bill Clinton, whose charitable foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, is one of the partners in the Dell Centre for Entrepreneurs.

Clinton said in the second half of the keynote that he believes technology can be used to create jobs and reduce the three main challenges facing the world: inequality, instability and unsustainability.

Jane McCallion
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