Splunk launches Enterprise 6 for faster analytics


Big data analytics firm Splunk has launched the latest iteration of its business-focused offering, Splunk Enterprise 6.

According to the company, Enterprise 6 is up to 1,000 times faster than previous versions and offers five new features that were not previously available: pivot tables, data model, analytics store, embedded maps and predictive analytics.

The product also offers a more intuitive user experience, the company claims, as well as simplified management and deployment.

Matt Davies, EMEA product marketing lead, told IT Pro: "In Splunk Enterprise 6, we are adding powerful analytics that anyone can use, which is important as people want to get more insight into big data and machine data at a business level.

"We need to make sure the analytics are good for business people and the usability works with that, because obviously it can be quite complex. So we have worked to present it all in a business user-friendly way."

Davies said inclusion of pivot tables makes it easy for users to build complex reports or dashboards graphically, without the need to understand a complex or technical search language.

The data modelling functionality underpins this, by delivering an easy way for users to represent the masses of data entered into the software, he explained.

"We added embedded maps because we have seen an increasing number of use cases where location and geo IP are useful," said Davies.

"By adding predictive analytics, we can take all the historical data entered into Splunk Enterprise 6 and start to offer predictions of future trends, including averages and upper and lower boundaries, based on what has happened in the past," he added.

Despite its name, Splunk Enterprise 6 is not just aimed at large organisations and can be used by anyone. It is billed based on a usage model, and is free up to 500MB of data analysed per day.

The offering is available to download immediately.

Jane McCallion
Managing Editor

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