Arc’s job-seeking platform is now open to all developers

Man on hammock working

With remote work on the rise, Arc has built a job-searching engine for software developers that aggregates remote job openings at more than 13,000 companies worldwide.

Until now, Arc limited access to developers who passed a weeklong verification process that involved interviews and a coding challenge. Now, Arc has opened its doors to everyone. It announced Monday that it’s opening its job-search platform to all developers, whether they’re verified or not.

Also, it’s free for job seekers to use. Arc makes money by charging employers for hires they make through its platform.

Arc launched two years ago, billing itself as a one-stop-shop for developers looking for remote jobs. Since then, companies such as Spotify, Hubspot, Hims and FiveStars have used it to hire remote workers.

Arc has two main features: a remote job search engine and a remote developer community.

The search engine, which has aggregated nearly 55,000 job openings so far, runs on an algorithm that filters unwanted positions. For example, you can tell Arc you don’t want a job that’s open to U.S. applicants only or will only be remote until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Arc’s remote developer community is a place for job seekers to ask questions of other community members. For example, if a job applicant wants to know more about remote work practices or job interviews in other countries, they can ask the community.

Even though Arc’s verification process for job-seeking developers is optional now, the company still recommends going through this free process to set yourself apart from the crowd. This typically takes about a week, according to Arc, and includes technical and behavioral interviews with an Arc staffer and a coding challenge.