The IT Pro Podcast: Should email be part of your collaboration strategy?

The IT Pro Podcast: Should email be part of your collaboration strategy?

Collaboration is one of the key tenets of modern business, but it’s a term that covers a multitude of sins. Five office-based colleagues working on a project via a cloud-based platform is collaboration, but so is two individuals in different locations using a messaging platform. It encompasses basic file sharing, as well as granting partners and contractors limited or temporary access to data.

In this morass, what room is there for existing technology? Does email, the workhorse of business communication, still play a role?

In the latest episode of the IT Pro Podcast, Adam and Jane are joined by Slack head of customer success Chris Mills to discuss the state of collaboration in the workplace.

We also discuss Apple’s £48,000 Mac Pro, the DfT’s big analytics plans for transport data, and the search proclivities of the British public in 2019.






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