The IT Pro Podcast: The future of personalised healthcare

The IT Pro Podcast: The future of personalised healthcare

The healthcare sector is under a great deal of pressure right now, but while the pandemic has been a challenging time, it’s also led to an explosion in the adoption of digital healthcare tools. IT transformation is having a profound effect on the industry, as new technologies are revolutionising not just how care is delivered, but also how clinicians can track and even predict potential problems.

In this episode of the IT Pro Podcast, we talk to Diana Kennedy, CTO of global healthcare provider Bupa, about how the organisation is using a combination of data analysis, modern cloud architectures and API ecosystems to deliver personalised healthcare to its customers, and what recent technological developments could mean for the future of the industry.


“When we think about personalised health care, we think about… moving from standardised procedures, interventions, outcomes as a result of a standard manifestation of a condition, to capturing and aggregating data from an individual to predict outcomes and prevent them through interventions. And then to personalise the ongoing care.”

“I think our readiness to adopt and use digital services is grounded in what is now our new experiences in interacting with practitioners, be that GP or physio, or whatever it might be. And I think that that explosion has been beyond anyone's wildest dreams, really, but is now enabling more. So I think, certainly in Bupa, as we start to think about our digital services, we're thinking way beyond GP, we're thinking diagnostics, vital signs diagnostic and critical care from your own home. And the great thing, and I think one of the reasons why adoption has been so good, is that it's super convenient.”

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