Cisco bolsters AppDynamics business with Replex acquisition

A close up of a grey building with the Cisco logo on it in white

Cisco has announced it is to acquire Germany-based enterprise software provider Replex GmbH, in a move designed to strengthen its AppDynamics platform.

The acquisition will provide the springboard that will help AppDynamics grow both its product and engineering talent, Cisco says, with a view towards expanding product capabilities for enterprise-scale, cloud-native environments.

Founded in 2016, Replex provides a Kubernetes governance and cost management solution for cloud-native environments. The firm has offices across Germany in Leipzig, Berlin and Duisberg, as well as US offices in San Francisco and Boston.

“Replex’s deep expertise in Kubernetes, real-time data extraction and analytics will further strengthen AppDynamics’ world-class product and engineering team as we accelerate the delivery of Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability vision,” explained Linda Tong, General Manager of AppDynamics.

Cisco has been pushing the importance of full-stack observability for some time, highlighting its role in solving the complex modern technological issues that businesses face.

In a recent report into the subject, the company found that 96% of surveyed technologists noted the negative consequences of not having “genuine visibility and insight” into the performance of the whole technology stack. 76% said they can no longer rely on gut instinct when it comes to tech performance.

“Today, IT teams need end-to-end visibility of application environments, user experiences and their business impact, giving them the power to see, understand and optimise what happens throughout the technology stack and beyond,” Tong said.

Cisco’s AppDynamics Business provides solutions designed to provide real-time application and business performance monitoring, with the AppDynamics Business Observability platform making up a critical component in Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability strategy. Cisco says the integration of Replex will now broaden the offering’s overall functionality.

“Together we are delivering a market-leading, enterprise-scale and cloud-native Observability platform that will meet the growing demands of global technologists as they navigate increasing IT complexity and data noise,” Tong continued.

“The addition of Replex’s highly skilled team to AppDynamics will enable us to accelerate and broaden the platform’s capabilities and deliver on this strategy.”

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