LIMA celebrates 20 years in business with £5.5m worth of project wins

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LIMA is celebrating its 20 year anniversary with a raft of new contract wins worth £5.5m - going some way towards the company's 2020 targets of reaching £20m in turnover.

Some of the firm's new projects include contracts with Southway Housing Trust, JMW Solicitors, Hertfordshire Police and the Midlands and Lancashire Support Unit, implementing solutions spanning the entire IT stack including data centre, cloud, managed services as well as security and performance monitoring solutions.

“For the past 20 years, we have been at the forefront of adopting and understanding technology and how intelligent IT can transform businesses," Lisa Thornton, CEO at LIMA said. "Our tailored, customer-centric approach to IT is unique in the marketplace and our continued success is testament to how we work hard to understand a client’s challenges or objectives. A one size fits all approach is not our style and ultimately doesn’t deliver results.”

As well as setting itself a focused revenues target, LIMA also wants to increase its workforce, from 65 where it currently stands to 100 in three years' time. As part of this recruitment drive, the company has taken on an additional 17 members of staff across the business.

She went on to explain that LIMA's existing and its new members of staff have played an instrumental role in its success, especially when it comes to excelling in customer service.

"Building a talented team of wonderful people has been my greatest business achievement so far. Our senior management and staff all share my passion to provide an exceptional level of service," Thornton said. "We are a ‘people’ business first and foremost and they are all instrumental in our ambitious growth plans."

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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