Skynamo and Datel partner to bring sales mobility to UK Sage users

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Skynamo and Datel have partnered up to offer Sage customers access to Skynamo’s field sales management software and sales app.

Skynamo will help businesses stay on top of their field sales teams, gaining insights into customer activity, stock availability and sales progress while out and about. The tools integrate with a customer's existing Sage implementation, with all information synching with the ERP and CRM software.

Datel explained integrating Skynamo's field sales platform with Sage means sales staff can focus less on admin such as logging visits and calls and more on selling, with GPS tracking and automated call report generation built into the software.

“We are bridging the gap between finance and sales, or ERP and CRM systems, that exists in most organisations. Skynamo makes it much easier for field sales reps to access data stored in these systems and to collect and enter data into them from the field via a single mobile interface," Brian Howe, Alliances Director for Skynamo said.

"We’ve developed a fantastic working relationship with the Datel team and share common values and ambitions, which bodes well for this partnership. We are genuinely excited about joining forces with Datel to extend this offering to their customer base.”

Datel explained it wanted to work with Skynamo to extend the functionality of Sage to field staff, leveraging their return on investment and enhancing the volume and quality of data collected by staff an stored within the Sage CRM platform.

“After a rigorous due diligence of Skynamo, we were impressed with the solution’s functionality and its ability to unlock additional value in our customers’ investments in Sage," Andrew Pritchard, managing director of Datel adds.

"We encourage our customers who have teams of field sales representatives to consider Skynamo as a way to not only improve their sales effectiveness and revenue, but also as a way to increase adoption and use of Sage from within their organisations.”

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