Micro Focus unveils partner portal and global programme

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Micro Focus has unveiled a partner portal that makes it easier for partners to engage with the company and customers.

Launched as part of the company's new partner programme, the portal provides access to Micros Focus’ resources, including marketing materials and training resources. It's also a place where partners can connect with Micro Focus to ensure they have all the tools they need for effective selling.

“The announcement of the new Micro Focus partner programme and portal demonstrates our continued commitment to providing an easier path for our partners to confidently generate predictable revenue, build pipeline and do business with us,” said Mike O’Neill, president of worldwide indirect sales at Micro Focus.

“We expect more than 10,000 partners to log in monthly and this number will grow as we continue to deliver new content and functionality, providing our partners with improved capability to sell more. Ultimately, this is a significant step forward in the Micro Focus Partner Acceleration strategy.”

Micro Focus’ new partner programme offers partners a single platform for selling its products. With three tiers, authorised, gold and platinum, the channel can benefit from enhanced deal registration, improved SaaS offerings, an upgraded marketing programme and faster turnaround for deals.

“We’re excited about the rollout of the new programme and portal,” said Paul Anderson CEO at Novacoast. a Micro Focus partner.

“It clearly evidences the significant technological and financial investment Micro Focus is making to supply partners with the accessibility, information and tools needed to deliver mutually beneficial business.”

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