Qualitest partners with Experitest for improved cross-platform app testing

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Independent software testing specialist Qualitest has teamed up with Experitest, a provider of SaaS-based continuous testing platforms, to deliver a single integrated process for testing mobile and web apps.

The partnership sees Experitest integrated with Qualitest’s existing delivery platform and tools to provide enterprises with dedicated, secure browsers and devices for continuous testing across multiple operating systems, device models and versions.

Clients can now leverage Experitest’s SaaS-based SeeTest platform on Qualitest’s On-Premises Installation for secured environments, located within their eight ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified data centres, the firm said.

Powered by Experitest’s Test Analytics, there’s also a new process that enables clients to respond to customer requests faster – ultimately allowing them to consolidate all their digital test results to gain insights and drive improvements.

Additionally, Test Analytics allows clients to scale and run their parallel testing with shorter test times to efficiently tackle the root cause of any bugs.

“The ability to continuous test mobile and web apps [24/7] at large scale is critical for keeping a leading position in any industry today,” commented Tal Barnier, CEO of Experitest. “The Experitest SeeTest SaaS continuous testing platform alongside with Qualitest’s service expertise ensures reaching this target successfully and quickly.”

Several global enterprises have already taken advantage of the collaborative effort, including a global weather forecaster, a multinational investment bank, as well as a British mobile and ISP provider.

“Across sectors and geographies, our clients are undertaking digital transformation while simultaneously needing to deliver a consistent and compelling cross-platform, customer experience across a growing number of devices, channels, and operating systems,” said Aviram Shotten, Qualitest’s chief knowledge and innovation officer.

“Our partnership with Experitest broadens our capabilities in helping brands rapidly test, deploy, iterate and improve their mobile and web apps using thousands of real devices in the cloud and automated cross-browser tests.”

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