DevTech aims to help channel migrate to the cloud

cloud migration

DevTech has launched its Cloud Migration Platform (CMP), specifically targeting channel cloud adoption.

It's been designed with cloud service providers and distributors in mind, as well as their partners and VARs, using automation to reduce the cost of migrating to the cloud.

DevTech explained it will also help businesses improve their services to end users and increase margins, whether they offer migration services as the main part of their business or as a value-added service.

Importantly for partners, the entire platform can be white-labelled, meaning end users will never know it wasn't developed by the partner, whether they want to re-brand the notifications, UI or the entire experience.

“Businesses around the world are moving more and more of their workloads from on-premise systems to cloud. Yet migration projects continue to be complex, taking time and adding unnecessary overhead to the overall operation,” said Milovan Milic, CEO of DevTech.

“With the Cloud Migration Platform, our aim is to identify those capabilities the channel needs to make migration a success and ensure our partners have everything they need in a single package; greatly simplifying the migration process."

Microsoft CSP partner AppRiver has become one of the first partners to sign up and start using CMP, helping businesses onboard Microsoft Office 365 services, which is DevTech's primary focus initially.

“We’re excited to put DevTech’s new Cloud Migration Platform into service and offer our customers and partners a simple, efficient, and seamless transition to AppRiver,” added Michael Murdoch, president and CEO of AppRiver. “DevTech is bringing much-needed innovation to a process for which there is strong and growing demand.”

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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