Mimecast survives early reaction to Brexit

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Mimecast has revealed its business has not been impacted negatively by the news the UK is planning to exit Europe, with revenues up by 24% compared to the first quarter of 2016 at $41.5 million (£32 million).

The company's CFO Peter Campbell explained deals have been closing at the same rate as usual in all geographies and customer segments.

"We saw normal close rates in the UK with respect to new business at the end of last quarter and although very early, we have seen this continue through the beginning of this quarter, despite the geopolitical impact of Brexit," he added.

Profits across the board also increased - standing at 73% of total revenues compared to 70% in fiscal year 2016, with margins adjusted to 4.5% compared to 1% in the previous quarter.

The company added an additional 1,900 customers in the first fiscal quarter of 2017, which surpassed its own expectations. Although this isn't directly related to Brexit, it demonstrates plans to leave the EU may not have such a damaging impact as analysts first thought on the technology industry.

"We haven't seen any impact in terms of closed business in the region," Campbell said. "It continues to be strong with respect to...a fragmented...regulatory environment. The European nations have always had their differences. And we...have always been well aware of...the kind of regulatory issues particularly around data protection and things of that nature that you need to be aware of when you're operating in the EU.

"And so far with respect to what's going to happen, with the UK separation from the EU it’s a little early to say, but we're certainly have been and will continue to be on top of any of those changes."

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