Cellebrite launches industry-first remote data collection solution

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Cellebrite has announced its new remote mobile data collection solution for handheld devices and computer systems.

Integrated into Cellebrite’s Endpoint Inspector, the new solution streamlines corporate investigations, e-discovery, and incident response. It can retrieve data from iOS and Android mobile devices and computers running Windows and macOS.

"We focused on simplifying the employee experience during data collection and deployed our domain expertise to engineer Endpoint Inspector to automate the complexity of the collection process and limit business interruption," said Ken Basore, general manager of enterprise solutions at Cellebrite.

Basore continued, "In Enterprises that deploy Endpoint Inspector, employees no longer need to hand over their device or spend hours with internal support personnel to follow complex procedures. We are pleased to be able to bring this value to our enterprise customers across life sciences, banking, insurance, and other industries.”

Commenting on scope, Cellebrite said its remote solution could gather evidence from devices inside or outside an organization's IT network. The capability adds to the firm’s Endpoint Intelligence solution that integrates data from disparate sources to provide a 360-degree view of employee communications.

Additionally, a Smart Collections feature within Cellebrite's remote data collection solution ensures only pertinent data is collected on any device. Data collection occurs with the explicit consent of employees, and an audit record is automatically generated upon confirmation.


Turning data into unmatched business value

Using data to drive better outcomes


Together, Cellebrite’s Endpoint Intelligence platform and remote data collection solution help businesses counter fraud, detect intellectual property theft, investigate claims of employee misconduct, and more.

“Corporate investigators are under serious pressure, now having to face the additional challenge of sourcing data to support cases from a geographically scattered hybrid workforce, who are using more devices and messaging services than ever before for professional communications. Today's announcement underscores the strategic importance of Cellebrite's cloud capabilities and our commitment to ensure enterprise investigators can adapt to a hybrid workforce, " added Basore.