VMware adds smarts to monitoring platform Workspace One

VMware building with arched glass front

VMware is bringing data-driven intelligence to its Workspace ONE platform, enabling enhanced security monitoring across devices.

The cloud-based service, called Workspace One Intelligence, collates data from users, apps, networks and endpoints and turns the information into key insights, providing admins with actionable understandings to bolster the security within their organisation. It means IT departments and employees can identify risks before they become a problem, the vendor said, and take action to prevent them impacting productivity.

Having this information at their fingertips means IT admins can create automated tasks to deal with repeatable circumstances, such as fixing vulnerable Windows 10 endpoints with a critical patch or setting conditional controls to apps and services for certain levels of employees, VMware claimed.

"Empowered employees are at the heart of digital transformation. However, providing employees with the tools they need to improve productivity introduces operational complexity and increased cyber threats as apps, devices and networks proliferate and the security perimeter dissolves," said Sumit Dhawan, senior vice president and general manager of end user computing at VMware.

The virtualisation giant has also announced the Workspace One Trust Network, which combines Workspace One data with third-party security solutions from firms such as Carbon Black, CrowdStrike, Cylance, Lookout, McAfee, Netskope and Symantec.

The integration of partners' solutions means businesses will have more visibiity across their organisations, VMware said, rather than using mutiple, fragmented tools.

"Our new intelligence-driven digital workspace platform and partner ecosystem help customers leverage the power of insights, automation and predictive security to simplify operations and detect and remediate threats while delivering the best user experience," Dhawan added.

Clare Hopping
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