Epson launches pay-as-you-go ink refill service

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Epson has teamed up with Network Group to offer its 360ink programme pay-as-you-go refill service through its reseller network.

The service, which forms part of its ReadyInk scheme, allows end-users to take advantage of an ongoing refill service, only paying for the refills they need rather than committing to a subscription, as was previously the case. This makes it more cost-effective for businesses that don't have the need for regular refills but want the flexibility of an automated refill service.

It works by constantly monitoring ink levels in the end users' printers. When supplies are running low, Epson will send this information to Network Group that then uses its network of 71 resellers to fulfil the order, sending the customer new ink cartridges so printers should never be out of service due to low ink supplies.

“Giving users what they want and need is at the heart of everything we do – and by working with Network Group to deliver this programme, we are also helping resellers strengthen customer retention and grow sales in an increasingly challenging market,” said Mauro Bartoletti, European Head of Retail, Epson.

Epson explained the majority of its printers purchased after 2013 are eligible for the new ReadyInk scheme. Resellers will manage the customer experience and customer interface, with customers never needing to come into contact with Epson directly.

"With great support from Epson’s UK and European teams, and our relentless ambition as a business to be first to market in the UK, businesses and homes across the UK can now get access to ‘peace of mind, pay-as-you-go printing’ from 360ink powered by Epson ReadyInk,” Phylip Morgan, managing director at Network Group, said.

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