AMD-equipped Surface Laptop and modular Surface Studio slated for Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Family

Microsoft is reportedly working in an AMD-powered Surface Laptop according to a Microsoft roadmap released by news website Neowin.

The publication’s ex-editor Brad Sams is writing a book about the history of the Surface range and he's revealed the tech giant is developing the AMD chip-equipped laptop, potentially launching at the end of next year.

Although details are particularly sketchy, Sam's says it's pretty likely bearing in mind the AMD's recent Ryzen processor efforts. The new laptop would use AMD’s Picasso architecture, the roadmap apparently says.

He also explained the company would launch a modular Surface Studio setup, hinting at a Surface monitor that moves away from the all-in-one PC design. That's expected to launch in 2020.

In the interim though, Microsoft fans will be able to meet Andromeda, an LTE-enabled device that's still under wraps to some extent. Although it's been a hotly rumoured piece of kit, it's likely that Microsoft will not launch a notebook-style phablet, but it's more likely to be larger, on the tablet side of the fence. Sam's says Microsoft may still launch a smaller version but it's unlikely to be in the next few years.

The final mention goes to the updated Surface Book, due to launch at the beginning of next year. The release has been delayed slightly because Microsoft wants to introduce a new hinge, which will remove the current gap between the screen and keyboard.

Of course, Microsoft's new products are nothing but rumours right now. Although the source is pretty solid on this occasion, Microsoft may choose to withdraw any of the products before they are released considering there are months - if not years - until they're due to launch.

Clare Hopping
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