Exponential-e upgrades The Ritz to 10GB ethernet

The front entrance of the Ritz Hotel, London, lit up at night.

Exponential-E has installed a 10GB ethernet connection in the exclusive Ritz Hotel, supercharging guests' internet connection.

The 10GB connection has been installed in response to customer demand. Apparently the hotel's high-class guests want to make use of "bandwidth‐hungry service" and need the infrastructure to do so.

Exponential-E delivered the super-speed infrastructure using one connection that's split using anEthernet demarcation device and then routed through two separate SFP fibre ports to make sure both guests and staff can make use of the enhanced bandwidth.

"As a luxury hotel, we always try to pre-empt and exceed the expectations of our guests at The Ritz and how our clients use digital services during their stay with us, or within any of our food and beverage outlets, is a key part of their overall experience," Richard Isted, IT Manager at The Ritz said.

"As technology continues to advance, we must be able to support access to the latest innovations and services, whether that may be a client who wishes to stream Netflix from their tablet or an event that is taking place at the hotel is using VR headsets," Isted said.

The new infrastructure enables up to concurrent 1,200 connections within the hotel across both staff and guests, which is no mean feat for any broadband connection. However, Isted added that it was no challenge for Exponential-E and the hotel can now deliver a faultless service to everyone that walks through its doors.

"It has been great to work alongside The Ritz hotel over the past five years, to enable them to grow and prepare themselves for the new technologies we are going to see become commonplace in the hospitality industry," Philip Harmer, head of hospitality & leisure at Exponential‐e said.

"The latest 10GigE connection means that The Ritz have established themselves as front-runner in future proofing within the hotel industry – the first in the UK to give themselves this amount of reliable, compliant, flexible bandwidth to use," he said. "We are proud to provide this for The Ritz on an ongoing basis.”

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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