Mist expands into UK with new partners and customers

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AI networking business Mist has unveiled a UK growth strategy, including the appointment of MayFlex as a regional distributor and the onboarding of its first customer in the country.

Although the company has plenty of customers around the world, ThoughtWorks is the business’ first UK-based customer. It decided to integrate Mist’s AI-powered wireless network to power its digital transformation.

The company explained it wanted to move away from legacy networking systems to power its open seating, mobile video conferencing and guest Wi-Fi services. This is a great example of how businesses are looking to transform their infrastructure to become more productive and therefore competitive, the company explained.

“There is an abundance of companies looking to leverage AI to simplify Wi-Fi operations, increase Wi-Fi reliability and deliver new location-based services using virtual Bluetooth LE,” Jeff Aaron, vice president of marketing at Mist said. “Based on the early success we have seen, we are excited to double-down in the UK and put the strategic pieces in place to bring much needed WLAN innovation to the region.”

In response to this demand from the UK market in particular, Mist has now appointed a local team, including key sales, marketing, and support functions to build and manage relationships with similar businesses.

As part of its expansion into the UK market, Misty’s partnership with MayFlex will enable it to reach more end users in order to sell its range of AI-powered networking products.

It has also tagged on new features to its networking portfolio, including a machine learning-powered virtual assistant that will feed back on WLAN usage and offer troubleshooting, deep learning anomaly detection and customisable Wi-Fi service levels.

“While other vendors are trying to bolt AI on top of legacy platforms, Mist built an AI engine from scratch on top of a real-time microservices cloud platform,” said Sudheer Matta, vice president of products at Mist.

“This eliminates the need for expensive overlay hardware and software, it saves time and money with elastic scale, and it provides unprecedented feature agility. Only Mist is able to roll out groundbreaking new features with reliability and stability in weeks instead of months or years, bringing incredible value to customers.”

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