O2's IoT toolkit will help businesses return to the office

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O2 Business has announced the launch of a suite of Internet of Things (IoT) tools to help businesses enforce social distancing in offices in order to minimise the threat of spreading or contracting COVID-19.

As some offices open their doors to returning employees, O2's offering looks to enable safe and secure access to the workplace, as well as public spaces such as gyms and restaurants.

The safeguarding solutions, created in partnership with Bell Integration, include a temperature-sensing tablet capable of reading surface body temperature from a distance of one metre with an +/- 0.3 °C accuracy, a handheld thermal imaging scanner (accurate to 0.5 °C), and a digital display unit which aims to aid social distancing rules by showing green or red, depending on when it is considered safe to enter a room or communal space.

The latter, along with the thermal imaging scanning technology, has already been deployed at the O2 headquarters in Slough.

Jo Bertram, managing director at O2 Business, said that “during lockdown, connectivity became one of the UK’s most valued services and we have continued to look at ways we can use our customer-centric networks to support this country”.

“As we look to rebuild Britain, these new COVID-19 solutions will help minimise the risk of spreading the virus as the nation returns to work – through automation and reducing moments of physical interaction. It will not only help businesses get back on their feet but bolster their confidence as they reopen their doors over the coming weeks and months,” added Bertram.

Bell Integration sales director John Davenport said that the company is “excited to partner with O2 to deliver COVID-19 safeguarding solutions”.


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“IoT can play a major role in maintaining social distancing and helping to prevent the spread of the virus. We believe O2’s extensive connectivity, combined with Bell Integration’s experience in deploying cutting-edge IoT solutions, will enable organisations to return to the workplace safely,” he said.

In May, Vodafone announced the launch of a similar IoT heat detection camera, which was developed in partnership with Digital Barriers and embedded with the ability to screen the temperature of 100 people per minute.

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