Datto launches largest security-first DattoCon for MSPs

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Global cloud software and security provider Datto has kicked off its DattoCon NOW virtual event for MSPs, which includes the unveiling of two new cloud-based security offerings in Datto SaaS Defense and Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure.

The largest open-ecosystem MSP-centric event, DattoCon has attracted over 6,000 virtual registrants spanning 69 countries, who provide tech services and support for SMBs around the world.

The conference features key security demonstrations of Datto’s new SaaS Defense solution, Datto RMM Ransomware Detection, as well as Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure.

Ultimately, Datto says the event aims to provide MSPs with a deeper understanding of their threat profile, what they can do to protect themselves, as well as how its own tech can help mitigate threats.

“MSPs are in the security business,” commented Tim Weller, Datto CEO. “The value of companies increasingly lies in their digital assets – both applications and data – and those assets are moving to remote and cloud environments, which means a rapid growth in attack vectors.

“Securing the digital assets of their clients is the primary mission of MSPs. The new world of work brings complexity which creates massive MSP opportunities.”

The event will also see Datto’s Information Security team share the perspective of threat actors targeting SMBs and help MSPs identify “critical capabilities and preparedness activities” required to build strong cyber resilience, the firm said.

The event features breakout sessions on all Datto products and a best practices track on growing an MSP business. According to Datto, over 100 MSP vendors will join with dedicated booths staffed by experts.

“Datto exists to innovate for MSPs and provide them with technology,” Weller continued. “The company started in security with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery as the last line of defense, and today we are extending that for Microsoft Azure workloads as well as unveiling a new first line of defense with advanced security for Microsoft 365, including email phishing and malware protection.”

Microsoft executive Tyler Bryson will join the DattoCon keynote, the company revealed, while the Redmond giant is also scheduled to hold a session entitled “The MSP Opportunity for Microsoft Azure in SMB”.

“Microsoft is excited to partner with Datto to empower MSPs with trusted solutions to help drive SMB cloud transformation,” Bryson commented. “Together, we expect to deliver SMBs the promise of a secure, scalable, and modern cloud experience on Azure, with the peace of mind provided by Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure.”

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